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Registration Fee: $75
(The registration fee must be sent in with the application)

Course Fees: $2600 if paid in full;
$2,800 with payment plan (for 12 weeks). Prices are for one segment only.

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English as a Second Language

What is an ESL?The English as a Second Language course is an immersion-style language training on our California missionary campus. Our Goal is to equip non-English speaking missionaries to go into the entire world with the ability to communicate in English.

Classroom TrainingExperienced ESL teachers will help students achieve competence in speaking English as well as helping them develop writing and reading skills during this three month course. 

Practical Experience

Students will have hands-on experience as they work in the Springs of Living Water Christian Conference Center.  Thousands of adults and young people attend conferences annually. Students will also gain practical experience by interacting in the city of Chico, California. Students will have opportunity to be involved in local outreaches, as well as shopping and simply taking care of personal needs.  Worship and intercession will be an important part of the school.

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Where will we live?From a resort hotel built in 1923 to a comprehensive campus that covers nearly 500 acres and includes more than 80 buildings, YWAM Chico is a pedestrian-friendly campus nestled in a beautiful canyon, with many open spaces and a park-like environment that enhances the natural beauty of the canyon ridges, woods and creeks.

Our campus provides something for everyone. From miles of hiking trails to tennis and volleyball courts to our Olympic-sized swimming pool, there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Our expansive grounds provide ample space for spending time alone with God, or hanging out with people, or just getting away from it all. The hotel lobby has sitting areas, WiFi, a store and a snack bar. You can visit our prayer room and soak in God's presence, or jam in worship.

ESL students will live in a dormitory or house with shared living areas. Students must bring their own bedding. All meals during the school are served in our hotel dining room.

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What does a regular week look like?A typical weekly schedule includes worship and intercession, small groups and one-on-one time with school staff, dynamic teaching, service assignments, devotional time with God, fun and fellowship.

Some weekends have scheduled activities. Sundays are open for you to find a local church to join with in worship and fellowship.

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What credits will I receive?Students will receive Certification of Completion upon graduation from the course, YWAM DTS Graduates will also receive 12 units of credit from the University of the Nations.

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How will I know if I'm accepted?Notification of acceptance is given upon receiving all your required forms. Once accepted, you will receive a list of what to bring, visa information and other specifics. Since the ESL has limited space and staff, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone who applies. Whenever possible, applicants are referred to other training centers or given the option of waiting for an opening in the following school.

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What will I need to bring?What you may bring to your ESL may vary, depending on different factors, such as the season. Every student should have a valid passport, and foreign students should have any necessary visas.

You will have shared living areas, and may have limited living space, so it is always a good idea to pack lightly. Once accepted to the ESL, you will receive a more detailed list of what to (and what not to) bring.

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I love ESL!

Adela ESL

"The ESL for me is a good school. I think it is so hard, but it is a good school. One of the reasons I wanted to do the ESL here in Chico was so that I could hear more English and have better pronunciation."
Adela, Guatemala

The campus is full of teachers


"I think the ESL is good because we have two teachers who help us a lot with our English. This campus has a lot of Americans and English speakers and we can speak English 24/7 and hear English a lot.
This is YWAM and so we learn about God and many people pray for us. When I feel sad or desperate, they pray for me, and I like that. "
BoHye, South Korea

ESL helps improve conversation skills

Frank CDTS

"ESL was very important to me to improve my English, especially speaking and conversation. I could learn about different cultures and make new friends who can teach me and correct my English "
Patricia, Brazil




University of the Nations CreditsStudents completing ESL can receive credits from YWAM's University of the Nations (U of N).


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